Isana Deluxe 1957
Fabio Baroncelli

Isana Deluxe "Elvis" 1957

From 1951-1974, Josef Sandner hand-built ISANA guitars in his 'Specialist Workstation For JazzGuitars' in Nauheim, Near Frankfurt, Germany.

Several models were produced, but the most desirable is the stylish Black Archtop owned by Elvis Presley whilst stationed a few miles away in Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt, Germany 1958-1960.

"Elvis' father Vernon bought an 'Isana' guitar at the music shop 'Hummel' in Frankfurt on 12-20-1958, a noble instrument finished with black piano lacquer at the price of DM 225,00, and gave it to Elvis as a Christmas present. Later Elvis added a floating neck pickup to the instrument and played it through a Dynacord amp."

The body is completely made of laminated maple, also the neck is made of three layer maple. Completed by a rosewood fingerboard with five pearloid trapeze inlays. Bridge is made of black stained pearwood. Matching the neck inlays there’s a wonderful pickguard and the the headstock face, both made of nice, elegant champaign coloured pearloid. Of course the headstock face shows the typical two black Isana stripes. Open brass tuners, nickel plated lyra tailpiece, both made by ABM-Müller.