Otwin 1948
Fabio Baroncelli

OTWIN 1948

The firm created by Otto Windisch luthier from East Germany, manufactured since the beginning of the 1900s, his son taking over in 1935 until 1973 when Sinfonia-Musima took over.
Except for the machine heads, which were replaced a dozen years ago for similar ones that work well, this guitar is entirely original, the action is good for an archtop of the 50s, the angle of the neck is well adjusted, this neck is good, it is wide enough but relatively flat and easy to play, branded 1948 at the top of the head.
Overall, this jazz guitar is in very good condition. The archtop is quite pronounced, almost identical to my Gibson L50 of the same period, the top without cracks or hits, the back as good as the front, the sides also, the pickguard was split and glued back.
The rosewood fingerboard is in good condition with a very light dent on the two first frets, but that doesn't impact the quality of play, beautiful original pearly fret marks, rosette shaped cut the Gibson J200 way from the end of the fingerboard.